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GrayMatters Health Wins Awards for its Innovative Technology for the Treatment of Mental Disorders

PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire Jul. 13, 2021, 09:00 AM

HAIFA, Israel, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GrayMatters Health, a digital therapeutics start-up company, recently announced its latest success in winning a series of international awards for its groundbreaking medical technology which implements self-neuromodulation of amygdala-fMRI inspired EEG model for the treatment of mental disorders such as PTSD. 

The company’s most recent accomplishment was being chosen as one of the top eight companies to be awarded the 2021 Nature Spinoff Prize, which judges companies formed to exploit innovative deep-technologies stemming from academic research. The prestigious Nature Spinoff Prize is sponsored by ‘Nature,’ the world’s leading scientific research journal and the Merck Group.

Additionally, the company was selected from a pool of over 100 submissions by the HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance (BTA), a digital health alliance in the United States which connects healthcare innovators and industry leaders. Winning this award will enable GrayMatters Health to work with HITLAB to verify the solution with additional providers and USA-based health insurance companies. 

GrayMatters Health also won First Place in the 2021 SelectUSA Investor Summit Medtech track. SelectUSA is led by the U.S. Department of Commerce to facilitate job-creating business investment in the United States.

Oded Kraft, GrayMatters Health CEO stated, “This series of prestigious awards have established GrayMatters Health in the forefront of disruptive technologies in digital health and has introduced our game-changing self-neuromodulation device, as an important enhancement to the traditional treatment paradigms for mental disorders.” 

He continued, “These awards show our technology is gaining the seal of approval from international organizations and scientific colleagues. We have already seen patients positively respond to the treatment in feasibility studies. We are currently conducting our summative study in four clinical sites in Israel and the USA, and are excited about the potential to impact mental health treatment.”

GrayMatters Health is developing an amygdala-fMRI-guided machine learning model for processing EEG signals. The model, termed Electrical Finger Print (EFP), uses 8 electrodes EEG-signal to produce a real-time continuous amygdala-EFP-biomarker signal. The company’s first product, Prism, an investigational device, is a self-neuromodulation system that trains patients to downregulate the amygdala-EFP-biomarker signal using EEG only, while interacting with an audiovisual interface that simulates an emotional paradigm. 

About GrayMatters Health

GrayMatters Health Ltd. is developing innovative digital therapeutics for mental health disorders, initially focusing on PTSD therapy. Founded by three experienced entrepreneurs, Rani Cohen, Executive Chairman, Oded Kraft, President and CEO, and Shai Attia, VP R&D. The company licensed its core patented technology developed by Prof. Talma Hendler, MD, PhD, a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry at Tel Aviv University and director of the Sagol Brain Institute at the Tel Aviv Souraski Medical Center.

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